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Day Workshops for Technical Coaching

What Are The Workshops?

As coaches of Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman and also coaching CrossFit classes within Dominus CrossFit - we have a wealth of experience. 

Both Frankii and Rich are proud of our niche workshops: 

  • Olympic Weightlifting for Strongman

  • Strongman for Functional Fitness

Both of these workshops are designed, delivered and followed up by Frankii & Rich so you can feel reassured you have coaches with understanding of all sports, technique and also as people who have competed and used these training methodologies. 


Olympic Weightlifting for Strongman

These sessions are delivered by Frankii and Rich: 

  • Gold & silver medal olympic weightlifters.

  • Over 20 years industry experience. 

  • British & World Strongman competitors. 

  • 100s of hours per month coaching in both sports. 

  • 100s combined competition & recreational clients

On the day the sessions will run from 10:30 to 14:00 and will include technical lifting advice, hands-on practice and understanding of how to apply the techniques you've learnt into your sport of Strongman.

After the session you will get FREE acess to a 6 week bolt-on technical programme to ensure your new cues are instilled. This will all be at low percentage work and for short periods so there shou be no negative impact on your existing training. 

Those in attendance can also contact Frankii or Rich to book in for a reduced rate 1:1 session to dial in the technique further. 

Our next workshop is being announced soon.


Strongman for Functional Fitness

Ready to try out kit like a Games athlete? 

We've seen it, the odd objects, yoke carries, farmers carries, log press and of course the unforgettable sandbag clean event. 

The kit is specialist. The coaching needed on the kit is specialist. We're so proud that we can bring you both. 

Frankii & Rich are combining their experience as coaches and competitors in Strongman with their passion for coaching functional fitness to bring you an opportunity to train like the 1% for the day. 

The day will run from 10:30 to 16:00 and will include technical cues, a chance to use the kit and then we'll wind off the day with some of the kit being use in a WOD. 

There is no expectation on your ability as an athlete. There is no minimum lifts or gymnastics required. Come, have some fun and enjoy learning new things. 

Our next workshop will take place in 2024. 

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