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The Full Story

Who is The Unruly Coach?

I could use this space to tell you about my qualifications. But the truth is, I have what I need and you'll know whether I'm the right coach for you by getting to know ME. 

You'll hear my laugh before you see me. I am full of Yorkshire sarcasm and sass. I will be your number one fan, but I will be honest. If you're ever unsure which one I am in a crowd, I am often sporting bright hair and unicorn inspired clothing. 

I have spent too many years trying to fit in a box, trying to be one thing or another. So here we are, loud AND compassionate. Fun AND sensitive. All the things. And I can show you how to be, too. 


Who is Frankii?

I'm 34, Yorkshire born and bred. I'm a mum to one whirlwind of a 7 year old girl. Karma got me on that one. As a typical millennial, I rely on throwback music and memes to help me through a crisis. 


Being strong is one of my FAVOURITE things about me. The gym and strength sports has given me a space I truly feel like me. I'm unapologetic in who I am and I'm proud of what I do. I hope to give you that feeling, too. 


I'm anti-diet culture, pro food and body neutrality. Personally, after years of a dysfunctional relationship with both food and my body - I decided it was time to live my life freely. 


Who do I help?

The women who wants to feel as strong as her potential.

We grew up with diet culture shoved in our faces, when starving your body was seen as desirable and a change in your body was met with worry. 

I'm here to be the coach to help you move away from that.


My programming is here to provide you with a pathway to follow to learn how to lift well, lift heavy and live freely. 

For those who have had children...

The reality is, if you've had a child you will forever be post-natal. I'm proud to be qualified and passionate about supporting women post-natally into or back into exercise. I have a close link with a Women's Health Physio who I regularly refer to, to give you the confidence that your training is supporting you and your body and not causing any further issues.


What else?

As a competitor I'm a gold medal Olympic Weightlifter, national medallist in Strong(wo)man and I hold the u75 WHEA World Record for Axle Press. 

As a Coach, I have a number of years of experience in coaching athletes and classes in Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit and Strongman.

I love the intricacies of technical lifting and love coaching athletes who are keen to improve. Improvements aren't always numerical...I'm so obsessed with clients seeing their lifting transform their day to day life and confidence.

I am very proud of who I am. Fierce and feminine. Strong and sassy. Pink and powerful. They all co-exist in me and make me who I am. My goal as your coach is to help you realise who you are doesn't need to be limited to a stereotype or box.  

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