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The Full Story

Who is The Unruly Coach?

I could use this space to tell you about my qualifications. But the truth is, I have what I need and you'll know whether I'm the right coach for you by getting to know ME. 


My Home Life

I'm 33, married and live in York. I'm a mum to one whirlwind of a 6 year old girl. A typical millennial, relying on throwback music and memes to help me through a crisis. 


My family will remain as a 3 after a stressful pregnancy and traumatic labour and it's the best decision we ever made.


I'm anti-diet culture, pro food and body neutrality. Personally, after years of a dysfunctional relationship with both - I decided it was time to live my life freely. 


Who do I help?

The Millennial Mum

We're the generation that grew up with diet culture shoved in our faces, when starving your body was seen as desirable and a change in your body was met with worry. 

I'm here to be the coach to help you move away from that.


After years of being told how our bodies should look and how we should move them, I advocate for moving HOWEVER works for you and makes YOU happy. I programme your training to fit around your life and we only discuss food and body image in a way that is neutral. Food has no morality. 


The reality is, if you've had a child you will forever be post-natal. I'm proud to be qualified and passionate about supporting women post-natally into or back into exercise. I have a close link with a Women's Health Physio who I regularly refer to, to give you the confidence that your training is supporting you and your body and not causing any further issues.

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