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Online Classes for Millennial Mums

What Are The Classes?

The Unruly Mum launched in January 2023. An online group with 3 real time training sessions per week available for you. You can join at ANY time and once you've completed your health questionnaire and payment - you'll be given access to our CLOSED community group. 


The "Awkward" Questions

I like to be upfront about pricing. We're all feeling the pinch recently. For just £25 a month you will have access to the sessions and ANY previously recorded sessions (even before you were a member!!!). Payment will be taken within a week of you completing the payment form and will continue to be taken on that date each month. If you choose not to carry on, your access will be revoked from the end of your payment cycle but you are not tied in to a longer contract. 

No, you do not have to show your face/go live with me! It'll just be my face on screen and there isn't an option for you to be visible at the same time. So if you're joining in, in your underwear with 5 layers of dry shampoo in - I won't know. But you can't judge me if I'm looking like that...


Do I Need Any Kit?

No. You do not need any kit. If we require anything I will give simple substitutes you can use from around the house. Tins, water bottles, or something you'll often have access to - a miniature human your body created. 

If you do have a set of dumbbells or kettlebells then they may be helpful but no session is created around pieces of kit. 


The Must Knows

While kit isn't necessary, medical clearance is. If you're recently postpartum please ensure you have been cleared by a medical professional (ideally a Women's Health Physio!) so I can support you in your training safely. You will be required to complete a medical waiver form before being allowed access to the group. 

My priority is, and will always be your safety. 

Once you have completed your medical form you'll receive an e-mail with the payment link and information you will need and a link to the group. Please allow up to 3 working days to receive this. 

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