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Time to feel as powerful
as your potential

The Unruly Coach is the go-to strength coach for women. Teaching you to be sassy, strong and unapologetically you. The Unruly Coach provides the framework that fits within your life to help you feel as powerful as you are. With unwavering support, The Unruly Coach remembers you're a person first and a client second. Your wellbeing, emotional and physical, will always remain priority.

It is time to have some fun and lean into who you are, no more hiding away.

There are three styles of coaching available with Frankii: 

  • Fixed-length programming - for women who are heading into the gym with the desire to create strong bodies and want the perfect plan to help them do that. Suitable for new and experienced gym-goers. 

  • Technical Workshops - Combined with Rich Taylor, of Dominus Strength and Conditioning, we are providing workshops for Olympic Weightlifting for Strongman AND something for the CrossFitter in you, Strongman for Functional Fitness. Combining our love of three sports and coaching them. These are unrivalled in experience and understanding and a unique opportunity for you

To find out more, click on the bit that hit home to you. It'll send you through to the page where you can get the details for how The Unruly Coach can help you. 

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